Are you prepared?

You can test your “Readiness Quotient” by taking answering questions on a survey located on the Citizen Corp site: or more specifically at the link:
This site also has tips and tools for personal preparedness:


Preparedness Begins with You

What Can You Do?

Get Informed
Make a Plan that Includes a Personal Support Network
Assemble a Kit
Practice with Your Network and Team
Maintain Your Plan and Kit

Find out how by viewing a Power Point presentation created by members of People First of Missouri

and the Missouri Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities.

For more information contact Vicky Davidson at the Missouri Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities 800-500-7878 or  

Click here for the Power Point on preparing for emergencies and disasters.


The Ten Elements Of The PRI And Your RQ

Aware Of Your Local Government's Emergency Or Disaster Plan
Know How To Find The Emergency Broadcast Channel On The Radio
Seen Or heard Any Messages That Encourage Preparedness (in the last 30 days)
Prepared A Disaster Supply Kit
Prepared A“Go” Kit
Family Communications Plan
Establish A Specific Meeting Place
Practiced Or Drilled On What To Do In An Emergency
Taken First Aid (in the past 5 years)

Websites that you might find helpful:

The American Red Cross:

The National Organization on Disability:

Ready In 3:

Disability Preparedness Resource Center:

Preparedness Information:

While this is not an endorsement of any products, you can find foods with a long shelf life at: and

Remember that Missouri’s State Emergency Management Agency has a number of courses available as well as a specific Emergency Planning for Special Needs Populations:

Don’t wait until a disaster hits to start planning. Get ahead of the game and start planning now so that you will be ready.

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